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Granicrete Resurfacing

Granicrete transforms an ordinary kitchen with the elegant, lavish look of marble.

The result of years of testing and specialized formulation, Granicrete has quickly grown nationwide as a resurfacing system for wood or concrete. Its precise blend of concrete bases mixed with acrylic and other polymers along with coloring agents creates surfaces resembling those costing many times more. Granicrete can be formulated to resemble granite, marble, stone, tile, masonry, and even barn wood!


The Granicrete Countertop System is a lightweight, yet very durable USDA-approved surface that is both scratch and heat resistant. It is very easy to clean and maintain as it is non-porous. It can be applied in new construction or over existing countertops in a continuous, seamless surface.

Kitchen countertops are not the only place the Granicrete Countertop System may be used. Vanities, bar tops, dining tables, coffee tables, and many other surfaces can be garnished with the elegance of this unique material.


Make a plain, concrete or blacktop driveway look like stone with Granicrete!

Granicrete’s Alternative Floor System has been time tested for over 12 years in the harshest of conditions including freeze-thaw, high salt, high humidity, and arid conditions. Generating highly authentic stone finishes, the Alternative Flooring System is the perfect compliment the Countertop system. It is designed to be installed over wood or concrete, and because of its relatively light weight it can be used for upstairs flooring without the need for special reinforcement.

Other Uses

Granicrete can be laid over wooden subflooring or concrete.
Let Granicrete create a whole new look to your fireplace or mantle!
Granicrete can be used on vanities, showers, changing tables, bathtubs, and floors.

Baths & Vanities
Computer Desks
BBQ Pits
Swimming Pools

Granicrete can be installed over existing flooring, wooden subfloors, and concrete. Granicrete is suitable for the harshness of outdoor extremes and can be used on sidewalks and patios.


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